Modern Age Call Jueu


In 1401, the King Marti l’Humà decreed the end of the Jewish community and Christians occupied their land. A lot of them were converts. All the properties that belonged to Jewish people, such as synagogues, went directly to the King, who sold them to Christians.

During the Modern Age, the names of the streets in the Jewish Quarter were changed into Christian names. Most of these names haven’t been changed back. Carrer de Sant Domenec, is a reminder of the day of the riots in 1391, on Sant Domenec’s Christian festivity. Sant Ramon, Sant Honorat, Baixada de Santa Eulàlia, Sant Sever, Sant Felip Neri, etc. The origin of the names of others streets like Marlet and Fruita is not known. The only street that refers to the old Jewish quarter is the Carrer del Call, which had its name changed from Carrer dels Torners.

The biggest transformation of the area was the construction of the Palau de la Generalitat (The Catalan Government). Between 1401 and 1640, the General of Catalonia built it in several phases taking up the entire block that goes from Plaça Sant Jaume, Carrer Sant Sever Street, Carrer Sant Honorat and Carrer del Bisbe. Apart from the old canon’s house at Carrer del Bisbe, the entire Palau de la Generalitat was built where the ancient Call used to be. The synagogue Xica was in this block.

Another big transformation of the area was the construction of a Barroque school and the church of Sant Sever. The school and the church were also built above the ancient market of the Jewish quarter.