The Plaça de Sant Felip Neri and the bombing of the Civil War

This square was one of the ancient city areas most damaged during the bombings by the Italian air forces (1938): the impact of shrapnel can still be seen on the façade of the church.

Probably here was one of the old reading rooms.

In 1838 most of the city booksellers had his shop here. At that time, created the so-called ‘reading rooms’, a kind of private libraries also function rooms were gathering.

Tropes are advancing Espanyol de l’exèrcit the carrer of Llibreteria

These front of Sukkot, founded by Sergio Himelfarb. Novembre 1933 The Republic celebrates eleccions espanyola generals. We will win aquells dretes comicis. The CEDA José María Gil-Robles i the Radical Republican Party accediren d’Alejandro Lerroux power.

A street that almost disappears

In the late nineteenth century tracing Llibreteria Street was in danger. The architect Lluis Domenech i Montaner had submitted a project that consisted in demolishing the houses that were behind the cathedral to display columns Paradís Roman street. Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer (pictured) gave their support.

In the nineteenth century here made ​​the best cake in the city

According to the scholar Joan Amades, this establishment was one of the places where the cake was good (pa of Pessic). It is an antique shop, which dates back to 1834.

One of the few houses left standing cantilever in the Old Town of Barcelona.

If you raise your head you will see one of the few houses with cantilevered still standing in the old town of Barcelona. This house is also known for its graffiti, probably designed in the late eighteenth century.

This was written and printed the Journal of Barcelona

One of the oldest newspapers in Europe was printed on this street. In 1821 its facilities occupied the entire block of houses. The workshops were located in the basement.

Campaign commercial signs Catalanise, in 1920.

A review of King Alfonso XIII (pictured) in 1920 led a campaign commercial signs Catalanization of Barcelona. It was the subject of political debate and newspapers talked about it constantly.